We use traditional methods and the finest Chiltern wood to produce charcoal of the very highest quality. Ninety percent of charcoal is imported into the UK. However, our locally produced charcoal:

  • Produces more heat
  • Is easier to light
  • Heats up more quickly

than imported coals according to scientific tests carried out by Dr. Kevin Maher of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

Environmental impact

The wood we use to make this charcoal comes from sustainably managed broadleaf woodlands. These woods are either being thinned or coppiced. This method of woodland management has been practised in Britain for centuries. All our broadleaf trees will regenerate or will be replanted, enabling us to look after the environment & wildlife, and help us to stop imported charcoal that may have come from rainforests or unsustainable woodland

In buying our charcoal you are helping to avoid the mass destruction of tropical timber and encouraging positive management of native Bristish woodlands. In addition you help local economies thrive.

Did you know?

The use of charcoal in Europe can be traced back at least 5,500 years. It was the smelting fuel of the bronze and iron ages.

Macleod charcoal is now available though an ever-increasing network of retailers, caterers and direct sales to the public who have come to appreciate the benefits of British charcoal.

For further details about our services or to place an order, please contact us.